For the first time ever, the artistic minds behind multi-international award-winning Dog Breath Photography are offering their signature ‘Underwater Adventure’ sessions to the general public during a very limited offering. As Dog Breath Photography approaches it’s 10th year of adventure, we’re concentrating on the foundation that the business was built on in the first place: Simply creating the Best. Dog. Photos. Ever. That means, traveling to the most beautiful locations on planet Earth to handcraft out-of-this-world custom images of your best friend that serve to immortalize their perfect, wagging legacy for endless years to come.




2-3 Hour On-Location Photo Shoot Adventure in (and partially beneath!) the waters of Lake Tahoe with Kaylee Greer and Sam Haddix

5 Professionally Edited High Resolution Digital Image Files

A Mind-Blowing 30x45” Custom Acrylic Wall Art Piece

*Only 3 Spaces Left*


Tips to Consider before Applying:

  • Your dog should most definitely LOVE the water to be a good fit for an out-of-this-world photo shoot like this one.

  • Your dog does not need to be exceptionally well-trained, but in order to be considered for one of the few available spaces, your dog should have a solid knowledge of ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ and generally be confident and friendly.

  • Your dog should be either motivated by treats, toys or both.

  • As a human and dog duo, you should be adventurous and physically able: there will be small amounts of hiking / walking into the watery locations involved, with a triple-guarantee that we’ll all end up very wet by by the end of our unforgettable journey! :)

If you’re ready to make your dog a rockstar for a day during this extremely limited opportunity, we invite you to apply for one of the few session openings below! We will reply within 24 hours with more information including exact locations on the lake and day-of time-slots.

We hope to meet you and share a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the sparkling waters of Lake Tahoe!

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