Rainy Night in Bruge (Limited Edition 30x45" Acrylic Print)


Rainy Night in Bruge (Limited Edition 30x45" Acrylic Print)

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The “Less Adoptable” Project 

Every dog deserves a home. With Dog Breath Photography, we’ve worked for years to give a voice to the voiceless through the power of photography. Now, we’re expanding our efforts to help shelter dogs with a series of breathtaking limited edition acrylic prints. For every print sold, $500 will be donated to a shelter, rescue organization, or animal charity for the specific purpose of helping find homes for dogs deemed “Less Adoptable”.

What kind of dog is “Less Adoptable”? 

Walk into any shelter and you’re bound to find all kinds of dogs. Purebreds, mutts, puppies and adults. Certain dogs find their forever homes quickly, while others linger behind the bars of a cage for months, or even years. Elderly dogs, dogs with disabilities, bully breeds and black dogs are just some of the frequently overlooked. If we’ve learned anything from years of working with shelters, it’s that these “Less Adoptable” dogs deserve a home just as much as any other. 

A Rainy Night in Bruges

This gorgeous gentleman here is Bobby - a Pit Bull Terrier who inspired an amazing local Belgian dog trainer to start down the path of changing the lives of dogs across the country who might need a little extra love, understanding and patient, diligent training. 

Bruges (Brugge), Belgium is one of my most favorite places in the entire world. Nicknamed ‘The Venice of the North’, flowing canals wind their way between the centuries-old buildings and beneath the cobblestone paved bridges. Filled with the history of endless generations of people before us, walking through Bruges feels like turning the tattered and well-loved pages of a once-in-a-lifetime fairytale. You might not often hear a photographer say this - but when I met Bobby and his Dad for our photo shoot, I was over-the-moon with excitement that it had just begun to rain. You see, I paint vibrant stories in my head of narrative and time when I envision certain places, and for Bruges, I always imagine it beneath a glittering sheet of rain: Worn cobblestone streets sparkling in the blue of twilight - raindrops flowing down the sides of buildings, washing bits of history off the walls and into the winding alleyways that cut like veins through the city center. My perfect Bruges is a rainy Bruges, and so I danced with delight beneath those swirling droplets as they fell in the air all around us. 

Bobby was the greatest model I could have asked for to help me capture this unforgettable moment of time and circumstance in my favorite place in the world. Of course, as a Pit Bull, he may have already had my heavily biased approval before he even showed up. Above that, he gloriously surpassed my every expectation of how happy a dog could be to hold an epic sit and stay in the midst of a stormy evening. His only requirement for his modeling services was the pouch fully of ever-increasingly soggy cheese I was wearing around my waist. ha! 

I could feel my hands shaking as I snapped this photo - not only for the fact that I was dripping wet - but because it felt as though I had ripped a page straight out of the perfect storybook I’ve dreamed of for years, and Bobby was there alongside me to be a part of it all forever.

-Kaylee Greer

Giving Back

We found it only suitable that the first series of limited edition acrylic prints help dogs at the same shelter that our own “Less Adoptable” dogs came from - the MSPCA (https://www.mspca.org). The MSPCA is also where Kaylee got her start photographing shelter dogs, and has always held a special place in our hearts. For each print sold, $500 will be donated to help a dog at the MSPCA deemed “Less Adoptable” find a home. Depending on the needs of each specific dog, this could mean money towards the waiving of adoption fees, special training, or medical rehabilitation.

About the Limited Edition Acrylic Print

• Limited Edition of 10

• 30”H x 45”W 

• Fine Art LexJet Metallic Print

• 1/4” face-mounted acrylic

• DiBond backing

•Certificate of Authenticity signed by the photographer