Kaylee at Territorio de Zaguates or 'Land of the Strays' in English, where over 800 homeless and abandoned dogs roam atop a mountain sanctuary in Alejuela, Costa Rica.

Kaylee at Territorio de Zaguates or 'Land of the Strays' in English, where over 800 homeless and abandoned dogs roam atop a mountain sanctuary in Alejuela, Costa Rica.

Kaylee Greer is an internationally recognized private and commercial pet photographer. She is living out her dream through a camera lens in gorgeous Boston, Massachusetts. She’s traveled the world teaching pet photography workshops and has seen her work published in many major industry editorial titles. Her images grace calendar lines, greeting cards, products, packaging and advertising campaigns throughout the commercial pet industry. Her photographic style is drawn directly from the inspiration she finds inside the soul of a dog. She is fueled by the joy, whimsy and unrelenting happiness that is so uniquely canine. Kaylee is known for her love of vibrant colors and process of capturing the comedy and character of dogs. Through her business, Dog Breath Photography, it is one of Kaylee’s strongest passions to give a voice to the voiceless by volunteering her time to local shelters and photographing the abandoned and homeless animals who lie in wait for a second chance.



I’m Kaylee. 

the extraneous details:

My hair is fire engine red and I am hopelessly addicted to chai tea and making people laugh.

I prefer to live my life seizing moments - the kind you remember on those rainy days. The kind that bring you hope and endless smiles in the face of uncertainty.  

Furthermore, I could push my toes into the sand on a sunny, windblown beach and stay there for about 72 hours without complaint. (unless I really had to pee.)


 a quick and dirty history: 

I attended the University of Tampa in southwest Florida where I majored in visual arts and communication. There, I excelled in art and design and found an intense love for colors, artistic concepts and creativity. But, above and beyond the visual communications, art history, and design classes – I found the ones I arrived early to and most excited for were always the photography ones. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in 2009, it felt natural to turn towards photography. I began dabbling in photographing landscapes, architecture and portraits but quickly realized that I  belonged doing the thing that I was the most passionate about – photographing dogs. (and cats! and horses! and anything that’s generally fuzzy with four legs!)

 the soulful, important stuff: 

I am a fan of anything fuzzy that walks on four legs, but of those things - dogs are my absolute favorite.

It is my personal belief that there is more happiness glittering in the iris of a smiling puppy than there is anywhere else in the world. And sometimes, when everything else seems to fail me, I find solace in the smile of a dog.

This is why I do what I do.

It’s that same smile - on the face of your best friend - that I am working to immortalize. I want to capture those goofy smiles, furry facial expressions, and happy tail-wags that make your world a better place. 

Every time I look to my left, there is an 80 lb, multi-colored, wagging ball of love at my side. His name is Joshua, and he has this magical ability to cure any ailment with one quick swipe of his pink tongue.

I think you know exactly what I mean. You’ve got one too.

So, I am here to pause those brilliant, happy moments in time and give you the ability to hold on to them forever. I am passionate about capturing the honesty of your dog’s soul and the beauty of his simplicity. When my camera and your dog meet - wonderful things tend to happen. 

Plus, I give free belly rubs.